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Why kunbiVivah.com is best for finding better match?

Kunbi vivah matrimony

Kunbi vivah matrimony

We know that looking for a perfect companion is one of the most significant tasks of everyone’s life. Kunbi vivah matrimony aims to help you in the process of searching your perfect life partner by giving best-in-class service. We have made lots of elite weddings take place over the past few years. Here you will get matches that better suit your class. We provide 100% confidential and discreet service. Our skilled matchmakers have several years of experience to provide you with the unparalleled help in finding the ideal match.

Specially built for kunbi brides and grooms

Kunbi vivah matrimony is the special platform to give matrimony services exclusively based on the kunbi community. Our registered members can easily see the profile details, and search by id and name. Kunbi vivah is the leading Kunbi caste portals that enable users to see the contact information of interested profiles and that too for free.

Different sections, all sub cast

Hundreds of thousands of users from the Kunbi society have been successfully discovering their companion through Kunbi vivah. Like them, the majority of people have found their ideal match. You can explore the categories of different kunbi sub castes and you can easily find your match from our vast database of profiles. We provide profiles only from kunbi communities from all over the country.

Over 10,000 registered profiles

At Kunbi vivah matrimony we value our members. We offer the finest profiles from sophisticated families that suit you. Our aim is to give you with the most apt match. We have dedicated nearly 10,000+ profiles for different sub castes in the kunbi community across the world. It’s the right place for singles who are seeking a best counterpart in their community. When you sign up on kunbiVivah.com, then according to your kunbi sub caste, your profile will be shared to the relevant members of the same community. Empowered by modern technologies and innovative tools, we offer the widest range of profiles that suits your expectations and criteria.

We take proper Security measures

Every candidate at our site will have to submit Aadhar card for their ID proof to activate account as we want our website free from frauds. We just want to keep rotten apples away from our site. ID proof will help to make our platform 100% authentic, reliable and safe. At the time of authentication process, we double check the record of our member with the use of Aadhar Number and after that we match all the demographic inputs against the saved data, what is given by the members during Aadhaar enrolment. UIDAI gives us ability for Aadhar number and demographic Authentication of our registered members.

Receive match lists instantly

For giving users a trouble free experience, we provide them an easy and fast way to share profiles. Now, it becomes so easy to send invitations and share details to registered profiles within few minutes. When you enroll yourself on our portal we verify your information and then send match-list via e-mail and WhatsApp.

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