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Marathi Marriage Rituals: Sacred And Traditional

Marathi Matrimony

Marathi Matrimony

Maharashtrian wedding is maybe the least sumptuous and simplest in the country. Unlike other weddings, most of rituals in Marathi wedding are done early in the morning. The process of The Maharashtrian marriage begins with finding a appropriate partner through various sources such as through relatives, Marathi Matrimony website etc. Then the horoscope of the girl and boy are matched by the Brahmins. After matching the horoscopes, the Brahmin set the perfect mahurut for the wedding. After that the whole process of wedding begins.
While the particular rituals may depend as per the beliefs and customs of the people, here are some of the imperative rituals of a conventional Maharashtrian marriage.

1. Sakhar Puda Ceremony:

This is the primary ritual that happens in a Maharashtrain marriage. It can also be referred to as the engagement, in which the groom’s family gives a sari, sugar or sweet to the bride. This ritual indicates that the alliance is fixed among both the sides. After that, the ring ceremony takes place wherein the boy and the girl exchange rings.

2. Kelvan :

The friends and respective close relatives invite the bride and the groom as well as their family for lunch or dinner and give them gifts. This ritual takes place 2 or 3 days prior to the marriage. The parents officially present costly clothes, silverware, jewellery etc. to the bride.

3. Halad Chadawane:

In this wedding ceremony thick turmeric paste is applies all over the hands, face, and feet of both the groom and the bride. This ceremony is held one day before the marriage.

4. Shrimant Pujan :

In this ritual, the marriage party and the groom is hailed boundary of the bride`s house and the bride’s mother does pooja of the groom. Nowadays, this ritual is performed on the wedding day at the wedding venue. Bride’s mother pour some water over the groom’s feet and washes them in a plate, apply kumkum tilak, and akshata on groom’s forehead, does aarati and then gives some sweet. After that bride’s father present the groom some gifts like jewellery or clothes. Now the same process is done with the bride from the groom’s parents.

5. Sankalp :

After the sacred rhymes are recites, the bride and the groom see one another for the first time. Relatives shower akshata on the couple. After that the couple exchanges garlands.

6. The Kanyadan Ritual:

In this ceremony, the father of the bride gives her hand in the groom’s hand and then groom ties a mangalsutra (a necklace of black and gold beads) around the girl’s neck and then he puts sindoor in the middle of her hair parting.

7. The Saptapadi Ritual:

In this ceremony, the couple needs to take 7 rounds around the holy fire, and reiterate 7 sacred vows of marriage.
8. Grihapravesh:
The groom’s mother welcomes the newlywed couple in the house by washing their feet with the blend of milk and water. Now groom’s mother does Aarti and asks the bride to come in the house by kicking the glass of rice, which is kept at the doorway.

9. Manpan:

In this ceremony, bride’s mother gives gifts to the groom’s family. Likewise groom`s family offer gifts to bride`s family.

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